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Make Hope Great Again

I have served PIM since 2011. I’m grateful to God for the privilege of launching a new ministry and serve him for all these years. I am totally convinced that this was possible only because of brothers and sisters who acquired the vision to reach immigrants in prisons. I thank God for the lives of those who served as members of the steering committee, the members of the advisory committee, and those who donated, either individually or through a congregation. I want also to acknowledge the importance of our Presbytery, our Synod, and the PCUSA General Assembly in supporting PIM.

I feel that PIM’s ministry is as important now as it was in the past. When PIM started, the expectation among immigrants was that their lives might improve. There was an expectation that our lawmakers would reform the immigration system; there was expectation that the residents of the White House would do something new and good for immigrants. President Obama, despite increasing deportation orders, at least gave the opportunity for Dreamers to fulfill some of their dreams. However, after the last election, these expectations changed dramatically. As I have witnessed in the prisons, or heard from other immigrants, hope was replaced by fear. The immigrants’ expectation today is that hopefully things do not worsen.

As I wrote above, I’m thankful for all support that PIM has received all these years. But I want to encourage you who have supported PIM, to continue walking side-by-side with us, helping us with prayers and donations, and so, we will be able to continue fulfilling our mission. Fear cannot prevail! Let’s make Hope great again!

We are late – This issue of our Newsletter is late because I’m finishing my third unit of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), and the accompanying course work. As I finish one more CPE unit, I want to express my gratitude for PIM’s Steering Committee members for their support. I have no doubt that the three units I took improved my ministerial skills.

Chinese Bible – A few weeks ago, I was waiting to begin one more Bible study at a unit in Boston. While I was waiting, a young Chinese inmate came to me and asked if I was a Christian. I answered yes, and he asked me for a Bible in Chinese. I invited him to stay to attend our meeting, saying that someone or I would be glad to translate to him in English. Then he told me that he couldn’t understand English very well. I found and contacted the Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island, East Providence, and one of its pastors, promptly brought me a Bible which I delivered to him in the following week. It was very rewarding seeing the face of satisfaction of that young man when I gave him the Bible. I want to express my gratitude to CCCRI for its support.

Donations Received:

– Bethel Presbyterian Church

– Igreja Presbiteriana de Boston

– First Presbyterian Church of Newport

– Anonymous

– Stamford: First

– New Haven: First

– Jeffrey Wood

ATTENTION! Send your donations by check or money order made out to: Presbytery of Southern New England – P.O. Box 388, Chester, CT 06412 – Important: write a note designating your offer to the Presbyterian Immigrant Ministry.

Donate online through our website:

Click on support and ways to give.

Other Issues Related to the Inmates – Most of the immigrants have issues related to finance. Some do not have anyone to feed their account in prison in order to buy goods or for phone calls to their relatives. Also, sometimes, there are those who received the benefit of leaving prison by paying a bond while waiting for a final decision on their cases, but they cannot afford to pay it.

First Presbyterian Church of New Haven Initiative – At its last meeting, the Presbytery of Southern New England (PSNE) approved an overture from the First Presbyterian Church of New Haven. This Church in New Haven has been one of the PIM’s most constant supporters and, through this overture, its members are demonstrating that they want to go further their efforts to support immigrants, encouraging our congregations to join the actions of other churches or organizations to provide justice to immigrants, including considering to adopt the New Sanctuary Movement pledge. This is an opportunity for PIM and its supporters to expand this ministry by creating some kind of advocacy support/partnership with congregations/organizations.

March/April – Attendance

Day Prison (all units) Attendance
03/02 Boston 42
03/06 Bristol
03/07 Plymouth 44
03/09 Boston 28
03/13 Bristol 39
03/14 Plymouth 40
03/16 Boston 32
03/20 Bristol 35
03/21 Plymouth 59
03/23 Boston 30
03/27 Bristol 38
03/28 Plymouth 61
03/30 Boston 31
04/03 Bristol 32
04/04 Plymouth 49
04/06 Boston 35
04/10 Bristol 39
04/11 Plymouth 66
04/13 Boston
04/17 Bristol
04/18 Plymouth 51
04/20 Boston 27
04/24 Bristol 37
04/25 Plymouth 52
04/27 Boston 31

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