April, 2014

The 1001 New Worshiping Communities is a project created by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to incentivize and to help its membership find alternative and creative ways to carry out their mission. According to statistics, there is a sizeable group who do not fit within the traditional church paradigm. The goal is to search for new forms of church that align with the essence of the Gospel and, in 10 years, to have 1001 New Worshiping Communities around the USA. The biblical foundation is on Luke 10:2: Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few; ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into the harvest field.” The definition of the New Worshiping Community is:


  • disciples of Jesus Christ, and
  • new forms of church for a changing culture.


  • in gathering by the Spirit to meet Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament, and
  • worshiping by the Spirit to join God’s mission for the transformation of the world.


  • practicing mutual care and accountability, and
  • developing sustainability in leadership and finances. In order to help those interested in developing a community that fits this mission, the PCUSA is prepared to give financially under certain criteria and offer other kinds of support. Many NWC are already working and you can learn about them at: The Presbyterian Immigrant Ministry is one of the many NWC already in development. We have received substantial support from 1001 NWC and we believe that this project is already reaching its main goal: to make disciples of all nations, change Lives, and transform the Church/World.https://www.facebook.com/1001NWC/app_599788450050788

The 1001 NWC launched a video contest, in which PIM is participating with two videos. The winners will receive a financial prize to be used for the ministry. You can vote to choose the winners. We appreciate if you cast your vote for us. Just go to the following website and look for our videos: “Testimonies of Grace and Faith” and “I was in prison and you came to me”:

 We recommend you spend some time watching other videos as well. You will be amazed by the things God’s people are doing. However, most important than votes, we need your prayers for each one of those New Worshiping Communities.

Donations received:

– Henry Ruppenthal

– IPI do Brasil

– First Presbyterian Church – Stamford, CT

– Igreja Presbiteriana de Boston

– Dr. & Mrs. Robert Veon – in memory of Rev. David Hare

– Providence Presbyterian Church              

– First Presbyterian Church of Stamford   


Send your donations by check or money order made out to: Presbytery of Southern New England – P.O. Box 388, Chester, CT 06412 – Important: write a note designating your offer to the Presbyterian Immigrant Ministry.

April Attendance


Prison (all units)






































 Kátia’s Report

I am growing each day in that journey that God has leaded me in.  I am really thankful that he has allowed me to be part of this wonderful ministry. Each time that I leave my home to go and visit my sisters at Suffolk or Barnstable, I praise the Lord because he is good. I thank the good Lord for all he has done. God has worked in an extraordinary way in these women’s lives. Along with another sister, this past February we had an all week bible study at Barnstable jail.  I may have a sister that will start going with me to Suffolk. At Suffolk the studies have been administered every two weeks.  For only the first three weeks in January it was consecutive, but since then it has been held every two weeks.  I would like to share a little of what has happened at Suffolk county jail. We’re studying Ecclesiastes 3, ​​”A The time for all things”.  This last week was very special.  We were already beginning the bible study when two young girls came in; they seemed very agitated.  Then the official asked me if I would be comfortable with them in the class, I said yes. We were meditating on those necessary endings in our lives. I stated that God loves them no matter what, that he also had a perfect time for everything, and that been the moment he had prepared for them to be where they were. They weren’t at the study just because they wanted to be, but because God wants them there. One of them asked me if I really believed what I was saying. I shared with her my personal experience with the Lord; then she began to open up to listening to the Bible. This day God worked in such a way that by the end of the study all of them were calm, with tears in their eyes, totally broken for the glory of the Lord. For our next study we will be discussing “time to break down, time to build up”.

Received Letter

A few days ago I received a letter from a Brazilian inmate. He was in a detention center close to his house and his wife used to visit him everyday. She was able to see him after a short 10-minute car ride. They have been married for more than 10 years. He was transferred to another prison, two and a half hours away from his house and his wife can no longer visit him everyday. I drove to the State of New Hampshire to visit him and he complains about his situation. He still talks with his wife every day through a phone call, which ends up costing around $5.00 per call. On his letter he thanked me for visiting him and also told how much he is missing the bible studies. He said that in God he found the strength to continue fighting his case but asked to pray for him, asking God to give him a definitive answer for his case. He also asked me about the history and doctrines of the Presbyterian Church, because he is inclined to attend a Presbyterian congregation, here in the USA or in Brazil, when he leaves prison. He finalized his letter asking me to greet those inmates from his previous prison, people who became his brothers in Christ.  

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